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we are a full-service prescription assistance company that researches, qualifies, and maintains patients’ enrollment in all sources of assistance available to them

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About Us

what makes us different



Our dedicated advocates will pre qualify you to determine how we can best help you in your search for affordable prescriptions.

 We know the insurance industry is complicated with many barriers and bureaucracy. Many times, our patients will have multiple doctors and multiple medications. We advocate on behalf of our patients to alleviate the massive burden of understanding what type of assistance is available. We find the best way to navigate those services.We work directly hand in hand with your doctor to file your paperwork with the particular pharmaceutical company that manufactures your medication. Your advocate will be in contact with you every step of the way.

our approach


 Rx-Aide  was created specifically for people who are struggling to pay for their medications,  who don’t have insurance, or are on Medicare and are in the “donut hole”.  These programs are offered to the people who qualify based on income  guidelines. We will do the ongoing work and status checks to ensure the pharmaceutical company received your application and they are being processed in a timely manner. We have dedicated patient advocates who facilitate the process with the various pharmaceutical companies. If you would like  to see if you qualify CALL 941-800-3388 to connect with one of our trained patient advocates or apply online. We are here to assist you, and your health is always our number one concern!  

why us



We know the story all too well: you or your loved one has a chronic illness. You constantly worry about how you’re going to afford prescriptions. Sometimes, you even have to grapple with the horrible 

question of whether you’re going to pay rent, buy groceries, keep the lights on or purchase your life-saving medication.  

We are not a pharmacy nor are we doctors but we are a team of dedicated advocates trying to find a solution to the high cost of brand name prescriptions. Over the years we hope to grow into a company that proudly serves thousands of patients each month, both insured and uninsured, with the cost of their much needed brand name medications.

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